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Mike Grogan: Inspiring Filipinos to succeed through books and talks

The spirits of Jose Rizal and the Katipuneros must have connived for a plan to send someone bold enough to preach to me, a millennial Filipino whose patriotism level is on the brink of collapse.

But before I tell you about this preacher, I need to admit that through the years I have lost affection for my homeland and my fellowmen. I’m not blaming everything on the government or the citizens.  I am pretty sure that I also have shortcomings as a citizen, but the disappointment I felt as a Filipino longing for a better place to live in must have covered that earnest hope for an improved country.

The lack of discipline of everyone, the disappointing useless squabbles of politicians, the know-it-all Filipino netizens, the horrible (That is an understatement!) public transport system, the apathy of the rich, the unreasonable entitlement of the poor, the discontent of the middle class, the Pro-Marcos and the Anti-Marcos, the Pro-Aquino and the Anti-Aquino,  the Dutertards and the Yellowtards.

I closed my eyes in shame.

Slowly, my heart turned hopeless, then indifferent, then cold.  It was so cold it didn’t want to get involved with any discussion related to the Philippines — its government, its President and its politicians, its crimes, its achievements, its failures, its people.  It became like an ex lover that I didn’t really hate but I didn’t want to talk about or think about anymore.

I know. Jose Rizal must be hating me now. I can’t blame him.

But he can’t blame me either.  If he’s alive now, I’d bet he’ll come up with Book 3 (longer than Noli Me Tangere or El Filibusterismo) in blog form.  But he can’t do that in the afterlife, can he? So, he probably requested Heaven to send an Irish guy named Mike to give me some pep talk. 😊

Ability to see the best in Filipinos

A motivational talk from a Best-Selling Author & International Speaker was one of my perks as a working mom.  During our company’s team building, I got the chance to listen to Mike Grogan, the Irish author, motivational speaker, and coach sent by our heroes’ souls to lift my drooping Filipino spirit. 😊

Mike has already published two books, both of which are about the extraordinary greatness of Filipinos and our huge potential to succeed.  He has also delivered talks & training seminars to more than a hundred thousand people in America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia.

Other than the fact that he is an author (I’d love to be one someday), I admire this Irish man because of his ability to see the best in other people —  a gift not everybody gets to use for a greater good. Despite the inconveniences he surely has experienced as a foreigner in our third world country, Mike chose to lay his eyes on the little positive things in the Philippines that Filipinos like me may fail to see.

Featuring portions of the many good things he has in mind about Filipinos, Mike’s talk during our team building was filled with genuine stories that reminded me of the innate goodness of my fellowmen.  Honestly, it made me feel proud again to be Filipino after a long while.  It was also filled with statements that made me feel more confident of my competencies as a Filipino worker.

Mike Grogan, motivational speaker

Mike Grogan, motivational speaker

Books to inspire the Filipino workforce

Since I received a doze of encouragement from his talk, I craved for more messages that might inspire me more to pursue personal and professional development.  So I bought his two books.

The first book entitled 7 Reasons Why Filipinos Will Change the World is a reminder that a First-World Philippines is possible if Filipinos will harness their God-given gifts and uphold long-held traditions and culture.

His new book entitled The Rise of the Pinoy  features inspiring stories of Filipinos making world-class achievements around the globe, from the humble man who started a soup kitchen in front of his home to the CEOs of some of the most recognizable brands here in the country and abroad.  I am excited to read every story inside this book to get some motivation in reaching my maximum potential as a Filipino.


Though my disappointments still exist after hearing Mike’s messages, I am glad that I was reminded to put on more optimistic lenses when viewing my Philippines.  And it is uplifting to know that there are people like Mike who believe that we, Filipinos, imperfect though we are, are contributing a positive change to the world.  That’s enough reason for all of us to pursue greatness wherever we may be.

Jose Rizal must be very happy on how this working mom’s team building turned out. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!




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