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Plush & Play: Toys with a Heart ❤️

Meet Jessica Saging, Tash’s cute little banana toy. 🙂

One day, while Baby Tash and I were checking out the booths at the Smart Parenting Convention 2017, we saw a booth filled with cute and colorful toys owned by Plush & Play.   In an instant, we were enchanted to take a look at what this booth had to offer.

That’s the first time we met Jessica Saging. In a crate full of cute fruit and veggie toys in vibrant colors, there was Jessica Saging, sitting proudly like a real banana.

Soon after, we also met the human taking care of Jessica and friends, Mr. Fabien Courteille, founder of Plush & Play. Aside from offering Jessica Saging to Tash, Fabien was more than glad to offer us info on the hands that made these adorable Plush & Play toys.

“These toys were hand-stitched by the women inside Gawad Kalinga communities,” Fabien told me. Gawad Kalinga is a Philippine-based poverty alleviation and nation-building movement.

Plush & Play is a social enterprise that aims to provide sustainable livelihood for Filipino families in the countryside while introducing to children toys that are proudly Filipino. The young entrepreneurs behind Plush & Play saw the creativity and skills of the nanays (mothers) in Gawad Kalinga, and they want these amazing women to be empowered by creating world-class toys that they can be proud of.

Aside from being toys “with a heart”, Plush & Play toys are safe for babies and kids as the materials used are hypoallergenic.  Plus, the plush toys don’t contain tiny plastic parts that can be hazardous for little children.

The best part of it for me is that these toys are reasonably priced.  For only PHP170, I was able to get Baby Tash her new favorite yellow toy, Jessica Saging. 🙂   These affordable cute plushies are a good Christmas gift idea for my inaanaks too. 🙂

plush & play toys
That’s Tash playing with her Jessica Saging while we wait for my workshop to start

True to the popular Filipino movie line “Saging lang ang may puso” (Only banana has a heart), Jessica Saging indeed has a heart.  This banana toy is made out of love — love for the Filipino mothers at Gawad Kalinga, love for play, love for Philippine made products, and love for the creative genius of the poor.

Jessica Saging has other amazing friends like Manny Pakwan, Apple de Ap, Anne Kamatis, and Noli de Karot.  Check them out at Plush and Play online shop.






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