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Kiddie Birthday Party with Chickie Boy of Max’s Restaurant

I love attending birthday parties, especially now that I have a child. Aside from being part of someone's special occasion, birthday parties are a chance to bond with family members. More than the sumptuous meal and the fun games, I value the time I spend enjoying with my husband and daughter. So every time we… Continue reading Kiddie Birthday Party with Chickie Boy of Max’s Restaurant

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Tash’s 1st Solid Food…Avocado!

I'm so happy that Tash has another milestone: eating solid food! 🙂 Two weeks ago, hubby and I started to let Baby Tash take small amounts of broth, as per the instruction of her pedia.  My Mom also started giving her rice water. She loves everything we give her. It isn't surprising why she's almost… Continue reading Tash’s 1st Solid Food…Avocado!

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The Oxymorons of Breastfeeding (Published in The Asian Parent)

During the first weeks of breastfeeding, I stayed wide awake in the middle of the night as tears dramatically rolled down my cheeks. On my arms rested my baby, latching on me in all serenity. In every infant’s peaceful slumber, there is an unsung story of a mother’s restlessness. Read the full article on The… Continue reading The Oxymorons of Breastfeeding (Published in The Asian Parent)

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Bringing Out the Well-rounded Mom in Me through Unmother’s Day at Eastwood City

Our children deserve the best in everything -- including the best mom ever! And though we may have our own definitions of "best mom", we all ought to work on achieving that mom goal of being the best person that we can be for our little one. But before we can give our best self… Continue reading Bringing Out the Well-rounded Mom in Me through Unmother’s Day at Eastwood City

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4 things I did to conquer my fears of pregnancy and childbirth (Published in The Asian Parent)

Many women in my generation keep an awful picture of labour and child birth in their mind. Blame that on exaggerated movie scenes, grandmother’s anecdote, or the stressful child birth video clips presented during Biology class. Thanks to all these, the thought of another human coming out of your own body is now as disturbing as zombie invasion.

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My 31st Birthday 

31. Pasok pa sa kalendaryo ng mga piling buwan. 😂 With a growing number of younger people calling me ate/tita (and yes, Mom for Tash), I'm getting used to this "adulting" phase. But unlike what I imagined, this 30 something stage is becoming my favorite. Over my happy-go-lucky single life, I enjoy more being a… Continue reading My 31st Birthday 

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My (First) Labor and Childbirth Story

In the morning of the 4th of December 2016, I woke up early and hurriedly brought my dirty clothes to the washing machine. With belly about to pop and without a household help, I had to finish all the chores really fast—laundry, cleaning of our unit, washing the dishes, folding and keeping newly washed clothes. … Continue reading My (First) Labor and Childbirth Story