Writing has always been my passion.  Mommy blogging is just my newfound stress reliever, hobby, and creative outlet.  Even before I became a mom, I have been writing to make a living. The corporate world has helped a lot in honing my writing skills, as well as other marketing communications skills.

To give my passion some depth and purpose, I write to share anything that might benefit other moms and promote valuable ideas/products/services that deserve to be known.  As I’m always on the lookout for noteworthy content, please send me a message if you have an interesting topic to share.

Blog collaboration options, freelance writing opportunities, and product/event reviews are also welcome.  Drop me a message if you think I can help your business with what I do best. You may check my LinkedIn profile to know more about my background.

I am also ALWAYS willing to write about advocacy/programs/social enterprises that GENUINELY aim to make our world a better place, one little good deed at a time. World peace! Thank you! 🙂